UX Writer and Content Strategist


After years of working as a content and copywriter, I discovered the world of UX and haven't looked back. I love the challenge of guiding users towards a goal through succinct, research-informed language that makes their problems feel effortless to solve. UX is the poetry of technical writing, and I'm excited by the endless possibility of the industry.

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Sara Brody
UX Writer
My Approach



UX writing isn't as simple as filling in the text on a pre-designed screen. As a UX Writer, I fight to make sure the user can easily understand and accomplish their goals. I'm here to solve their problems. To do that, I need to work with researchers, designers, project managers, product owners, and developers in a collaborative partnership. As a result, we can collectively create the best experience possible for our users. 

UX Writing Values



  • Clear, concise, conversational - in that order.

  • Users come first.

  • Look at everything holistically. It's not just the screen I'm working on right now, but how it interacts with the rest of the platform and the flow. 

  • Consistency is key. 

  • UX decisions should be research-based as much as possible. 

  • Ask questions. Lots of them.




Despite being new to the UX field, I dove right in. I took the initiative to take classes and create screens and flows so that I could not only sharpen my UX skills, but also show that even as a new UX writer, I know how to look at what the user needs and solve the problems at hand.