Content writing

I love the challenge of tackling complex topics and translating them to a general audience. I’ve written in the fields of healthcare, insurance, real estate, and education, and whenever I take on a project, I ask first what my readers need from me. Whether I’m following the lead of the project owner or taking the lead myself, I strive to make my copy accessible and engaging. 

Work samples include:

Game writing

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At Pocket Gems, I worked as a creative editor on mobile "choose-your-own-adventure" games. The work involved adapting long user-made stories into condensed eight-chapter games with "premium" branching built in—choices that the user pays to select. I attended pitch meetings to develop the premium content with team leads, then wrote the scenes and edited the existing script for a higher quality product. 

Work samples include:



As a copywriter, I tailor language to the needs of my audience and stakeholders. At the nonprofit Education for Social Justice Foundation, I worked closely with the Executive Director to gain essential knowledge of topics and ensure I reached her audience of educators and activists. 

Work samples include:

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