Sightly App

Mental health struggles are personal, unique to a patient’s circumstances, and can’t be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. However, it can be challenging and expensive to access traditional psychiatric care, and many apps geared at mental healthcare do not offer adequate personalization. 


To solve this problem, founders Julian Divito and Karan Ballal sparked the idea for Sightly. I joined their team before launch as a UX Writer and Content Strategist. The goal of Sightly is to offer truly individualized mental health programs, based on CBT principles, that help users address the root cause of their negative emotions. 

Your Quit App

In a 2018 survey, 55% of smokers said they'd attempted to quit cigarettes in the past year, but only 7.5% of those quit attempts were successful. The unfortunate reality is that nicotine is one of the most addictive substances on earth, and while smoking cessation apps can be motivating tools, many quit attempts end so disappointingly they send the smoker back to square one. For an addict who slips up, an app that once seemed helpful can transform into a source of shame, a reminder of failure, something to be deleted and forgotten about as quickly as possible. If most smokers want to kick the habit, how do we get them there? I undertook this project after completing the Fundamentals of UX Writing to put my skills to use building a wireframe from scratch.

Handshake App

Handshake is a fictional app that I worked on as part of my UX Writing Fundamentals class with the UX Content Collective. The goal of the app is to make invoicing and payments seamless between clients and freelancers, allowing users to propose and approve project and budget details, communicate with each other, and track important milestones. In preparation for the project, I was given the rough workflow for the app as well as two user personas, with the goal of making copy accessible for both user types, clients and freelancers. My objective was to edit the UI for clarity, voice, tone, and style, referencing a style guide of my creation.

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